About Catpuff™

Catpuff is a community of cat lovers who can share the latest and greatest cat trends, news, memes and suggestions from a variety of unique cat themed products while shopping.
The best part? We can help cats in need.

At Catpuff, we believe that every cat should have an eternal home, and our mission is to try our best to help these amazing cats.

We have always been looking for the most cost-effective cat products and providing them to cat lovers around the world.

In order to give back to the feline community, we work closely with our partners. Raising cats from our office, donating necessities and toys, and sponsoring community cat raising activities, all these activities help cats most in need!

With the development of the Catpuff team and community, we hope to be able to raise more than one cat at a time, and we hope to make Catpuff and website operations a mature breeding team.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. You can also follow our Instagram account to get the latest news.